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Leslie Reilly
Gastroenterology Associates, Inc.

Dear Leslie,

“I would like to take this time to thank you for being available to answer my recent questions concerning QuickBooks. I apologize for not writing sooner, but as usual the time quickly passes. I did want you to know how much I do appreciate your help and expertise with QuickBooks. It is comforting to know I have a reliable resource to assist me with any problems. Again Leslie, I thank you for all your help.”

Nancy A. Vecoli Business Manager

Citizens-Union Savings Bank

Dear Leslie,

“We've gotten a lot of good comments about the classes and the instructor, Leslie. She does a very good job. I, myself, enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I'm sure I'll be in touch again for other classes, probably after the summer. I have already been asked about the possibility of a follow up (advanced) WORD class.

Thanks again for your help.”

Julie Raposa Vice President

HeRo Health

“Thanks for all your help with Quicken! I couldn't have done it, and enjoyed it as much without you. Thanks for all your patience!”


Gwen Bettencourt, CPA

“Leslie Reilly has been instrumental to me in my practice. Her knowledge of numerous software packages and computer hardware added to her willingness to assist the client in anyway possible is truly refreshing. I know a client referred to Leslie will get the best possible training and she will be there for them long after the lesson has ended. She is truly an inspiration.”

Maria Steinke

Dear LASR Services,

“Enclosed is a check for Mr. & Mrs. Steinkes computer teaching. Thank you so much for teaching them. They really enjoyed learning from you. Mom and Dad check their stocks on-line often and get a kick out of it. Mom said she'd like to get more lessons in the future, so she'll call you when she's ready. I encouraged her to continue; she likes “goals” set, a “project” for each lesson, like you did already with the Internet stock viewing.”

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