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LASR ServicesASR Services courses are effective, easy to use, and geared to the adult learner. Each course provides a clear presentation of skills and concepts for the basis of mastering the application. LASR Services courses emphasize task-oriented training that integrates into the way you do business. The step-by-step instructions help end-users apply on the job what they have learned during class. All courses provide Hands-On exercises, are customized, and designed based on a specific client need.

QuickBooks Pro
a. Sales, Accounts Receivable
b. Inventory, Purchases, Accounts     Payable
c. Payroll, Account Information
d. Estimating
e. Time Tracking, Project Costing
f. Maintaining Your Account

Word for Windows Introduction
a. Working with Documents
b. Editing Documents
c. Formatting and Printing

Word for Windows Advanced
a. Organizing your Documents
b. Using Templates, Styles, Button
    Bars and Rulers
c. Using Tables
d. Advanced Features (Graphics,
    Outlining, Shading)
e. Formatting and Printing

Excel Beginners
a. Worksheets and Workbooks
b. Spreadsheet Basics
c. Formulas and Functions
d. Formatting Cells

Excel Advanced
a. Charts and Graphs
b. Advanced Functions
c. Working with Multiple Worksheets
d. Pivot Tables

a. PowerPoint Basics
b. Creating a Presentation
c. Create Slide and Title Masters

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